Swasthya - The Comprehensive Wellness Program

  • Perfect health is the harmonious blend of the mind, body & consciousness. It stems from a system that is perfectly balanced internally and is at total peace with the environment.
  • Swasthya is a composite wellness program that is aimed at complete detoxification and rejuvenation of the mind and body, relieving tension, overcoming debility, improving vitality, restoring youthfulness, increasing endurance levels and sharpening sensory perception.
  • Swasthya is available in two formats, as 30 day or 41 day programs, designed by AVN Arogya Ayurvedic Wellness Retreat as an exclusive individualized program for complete mind & body fitness involving the time-tested Panchakarma & Upakarma therapies, a fitness regime, Yoga & meditation training and a wholesome diet. After a complete profiling of the individual and the risk factors, a program including the traditional Panchakarma therapies like Vamanam, Virechanam, Vasthi and Nasyam, and special rejuvenation therapies like Nhavarakizhi, Tailadhara and Sirodhara are tailor-made, to deliver absolute mind and body fitness in a natural environment perfectly suited to achieve ideal health and longevity.


  • Complimentary pick-up from Madurai airport / station.
  • Welcome drink on arrival
  • Ayurvedic consultation
  • Accomodation in the class of room selected
  • Upto two major Ayurvedic therapies in a day
  • All meals comprising of tasty and healthy vegetarian food as prescribed by the Ayurvedic physician
  • Yoga & meditation sessions
  • Access to Gym, Indoor games area
  • Complimentary drop at airport / station.


  • Internal medicines if any prescribed.
  • Other tours undertaken
  • Any other service not specifically mentioned in the inclusions.


Back Problems

Back pain and spine related diseases are a group of very common problems and are growing in incidence over the years...

Neck Problems

Pain in the neck, shoulders and arms, is a very common problem and is growing in incidence over the years...

Joint Problems

Pain in the joints and pain while movement are among the most common problems for which a patient consults a doctor...

Stroke and Developmental Neurology

Stroke patients, in India, are typically left under the care of the family members after the acute care at a hospital is over...

Developmental Paediatrics

We offer in-house ayurvedic treatment for stroke, over a duration of Three to Four weeks, at our facility offering various options for accommodation.

Woman's Health & Fertility

Women in India are under tremendous pressure having to cope up with the double responsibility of work and home. This leaves them with less time..
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